Hi, I’m Gary Rylander a Business Development Executive and Consultant specializing in:

  • Risk & Compliance
  • eDiscovery/Records Management
  • Enterprise Content Management strategy and solutions
  • Business Strategy & Transformation

I reside in Mclean, Virginia

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3 Responses to About

  1. Gary,

    Enjoyed reading your Yin and Yang of Info Governance posts especially your allusions to blind men, elephants, jazz musicians and the way IT folks think. Good practical advice on the balanced scorecard and insights into chargebacks.

    One place I might take acception is around your comment “it is the CIO who is responsible for melding both aspects of governance (Performance and Conformance) into a single strategy and executing against it.” As you know, Information Governance is much more than an IT problem. Many large, forward thinking organizations manage records and set standards for managing corporate data, policies, processes, etc. outside of the IT organization. Some corporations have created a CIMO (chief information management officer) or equivalent position that does not report into the CIO but rather into operations or have created a central records department whose leader reports to the CEO or other senior executive – not the CIO.

    This trend may be a recognition of the scope of the challenge across the enterprise. The much publicized rift between IT and Legal is just one example of how powerplays within critical yet generally non-revenue-generating organizational cost centers are paralyzing strategic information management or governance initiatives.

    I just started up my own IM related blog recently and welcome your comments and any feedback you can offer on my initial posts.


    Gary MacFadden

    • Gary Rylander says:

      Gary, I agree that Information Governance is a team sport. In fact, I read in Inside Counsel a while back that Records and Information Management Counsel is the fastest growing title in the corporate legal space. However, based on my consulting work, I have found that even though many others including Legal and Compliance have “issues” they want IT to address, they typically have no budget to get any of their issues addressed and thus it falls on the IT function to figure out how to find the funds to address compliance issues

      • Gary,

        I’ve recently spent time interviewing two very large Financial Services firms one of which created a Records Management team and department, the other creating a CIMO position both outside of IT. The first organization has been VERY successful getting CEO buy-in, budget and working with IT, legal, compliance and business units. The CIMO individual is more of a strategy position with no budget. I think the effectiveness of a certain approach is going to depend on the organizational culture which determines who has budget and who drives the “bus”.


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